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Cheap Website Design

Creating your own website is no joke and it is a long and sometimes scary and overwhelming process. You have so much that you need to do to get it up and running, and its more than you may think. Not all of us may know exactly everything that we need to do to create the best website, especially a company website.  Luckily there are people out there that could set up your website for you and they can get all those small important things done. You can get it done in a short amount of time and you can be sure that it will be done properly and the work will be that of a high standard.  Most importantly they will take what you want into count and they will take your instructions seriously.

The Website Guild has developed the most effective solution for cheap website design. They have developed this design for basic businesses and it only you costs £149. This cheap website design also ensures a range of services and you also get some helpful extras as well. This is by far one of the best options for a website, especially if you have no idea where to start or what to do.  Your website will be your online image of your company. In today’s world because technology is widely used many will check out your website to get a feel for your company. If your website makes an impression, no matter what company you have they are sure to contact you for your services or products. Remember first impressions count, whether it be in person or on the internet.

What is Included in the £149?

First things first, paying £149 for a quality cheap website design is nothing. You not only will have a great website you can call your own but you will also get a quality website that will get you subscribers or clients. Website Guild also offers the following in their price:

·         A one year hosting period

·         A basic logo design of your choice

·         You can choose between over 20 great quality templates like this example

·         You are ensured to have the basic relevant graphic design of a banner image of your choice

·         A much needed contact form with a captcha challenge will be created

·         You can have 500 word articles of Sales Copy for your homepage

·         All text can be fully editable via CMS-what more do you need?

What Else Do I Get?

Doesn’t that sound worth the £149? If you are not yet convinced, keep reading.

Not only will you get the above in your price but we can also advise you on the best SEO services to use. we can supply clean aged domains and we can check your exisisting domains for signs of health that may negativly effect their rankings.

Believe it or not that’s not everything that we are offering in the price, there are a lot more things that you won't believe. You are also able to add unlimited content pages filled with your own articles and images. You could even add professionally written articles of 750 words and it can all be done in a completion time of 48 hours, yes it's possible!.  After your website is created you next step would be to get some writers to handle the content of your website that is if you aren’t able to do this yourself.

How do I Get Professionally Written Content?

Getting professionally written content is a huge factor in making your website a success. A pretty website can only get you so far. The content you use on your website will be the most important thing to gain clients.Whether its a product or a service that you are looking to market, we make sure the content is written by experienced and professional writers.

We can also advise you on the best SEO Services to use we could also direct you to websites that have professional writers on call. You can have professional writers write quality articles as you instruct them to be written.

Before choosing a writer for your website, weigh your options and go through a few of them before making your decision. Keep in mind that not all writers charge the same amount. Some may charge per page while others may charge per word. If you think you have chosen the perfect writer for your website ask them a few questions, ask to see some samples of their work or links to work that they may have published online.  You will come across writers that say they have knowledge of SEO, but to be safe ask them a few questions to make sure they do  know what they are talking about.


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