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How to Audit and Filter an Aged Domain

Going the extra mile to get to the No.1 spot!

Getting your website to the no.1 search ranking for your niche, on all major search engines is no mean task. It involves a great deal of strategizing and a keen understanding of SEO. As website owners, most of us tend to outsource this task to SEO and online marketing experts, for obvious reasons that there are many more important operational aspects of being a business owner, and it is most probably going to cost you higher if you hire an in-house expert. But some basic knowledge of SEO and how search engines function, is vital for any website owner or online entrepreneur to race ahead of competition and get to the much-coveted No.1 spot!

Understanding the Importance of Aged Domains

Are you looking for an aged domain? Before you go about looking for the various options for aged domains available online and busy yourself wading through various SEO Tools and Aged Domain Finders, you must really understand the basics of an aged domain, as well as the significant impact that it has on search engine rankings. But wait, if you’re one amongst those who’ve never heard about aged domains, you really need to take a crash-course in SEO. And for the majority who know about aged domains, but are not very sure about their importance, here’s a ready-reckoner!

1.Before according search ranking to a website based on its industry authority or niche leadership, Google definitely considers the age of the domain as one of the pivotal deciding factors.

2.An aged domain is not just judged on the basis of the time from which it was registered but also the last time that Google detected a link to the domain, or indexed it for that matter.

3.This means that your domain might have existed for a period as long as 15 years, and it will still not be considered aged by Google if there are no substantial, recognized links to it or it has not been indexed earlier, or maybe just once.

4.The importance of aged domains lies in the fact that you can incorporate the advantages of both aged domains and new domains into your SEO strategy, in order to acquire unparalleled edge above your competitors.

Guidelines for purchasing an aged domain

Considering the number of online fraudulent agents, it’s best that you be well-aware of the buying guidelines for aged domains, before actually purchasing one. To begin with, it is necessary to perform a link audit on the site to make sure its healthy. The objective of purchasing an aged domain is to boost your SEO campaign and help your business grow by fetching it a higher search ranking on Google, as well as niche leadership. Therefore, you should never blindly purchase an aged domain on the basis of it date of registration or one-time search engine indexing. The aged domain needs to have a substantial number of organic links and should be audited and filtered to ensure that there is no trace of black-hat SEO techniques or spammy links, which will lead to unnecessary penalties on your website upon detection later.

Entrusting the right SEO Expert to thoroughly audit and filter your aged domain

Very few aged domain sellers are bothered about proper screening and filtering of the domain prior to selling it. It is therefore very important for you as a website owner, to entrust this business to the right SEO expert, who can help you cash in on the aged domain purchase, and taking your website and business to unprecedented heights. On the contrary, if you choose not to do this crucial activity of link auditing, you might save a little on initial investment, but the financial repercussions can be quite bad later. So the choice is yours; you can either choose to use SEO techniques to test the domain for health by appointing an expert SEO Team or Professional Link Auditor, or make a bad purchase and get entangled in unnecessary penalties, without any sizeable return on investment later.

Link Auditors come to your rescue!

The Link Auditors at Link Audit, UK are definitely the most competent, experienced and qualified professionals to assist you with the same. Having successfully taken care of the varying requirements of website owners from various industries, niches and domains, they have ample experience and expertise to thoroughly link audit the aged domain, so that your purchase does not go astray. They offer different types of SEO packages, along with a wide range of choices so that you get exactly what your want! Their advanced tools and techniques for link auditing and filtering of aged domains are certainly the most advanced and well-priced in the industry!



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