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How to Find the Right Mobile App Developers for Your Project

Mobile apps are increasingly becoming a revenue stream for many businesses, and if you are yet to have one, you might be missing out big time. The growth of mobile apps has been boosted by the widespread popularity of the mobile devices, with a majority of internet users using a shopping app at least once every several weeks. You may want to develop your own custom app, and that is the first step to opening up more revenue streams. The second and equally vital step to a successful project is getting the best developer for your app.

Now, before you settle on any developer for your project, you need to ask a few questions to determine their suitability. The following are the 6 key points that will help you pick the best developer.

1. Previous Apps: ask for examples of apps the developer has already done

A developer who has previously done good work will be eager to show you the apps he has developed, or at least those in which he played a vital role. The professional developer will be sure to give you links in each app store (for iOS, Blackberry, and Android) where you can access the apps. This will help you gauge their vision, expertise, and experience that makes them the best team to deliver the kind of app you have in mind.

2. References: Ask for a list of clients, both past and current

It is extremely hard to know the real developer of an app these days. This is why it is crucial to talk to clients to ascertain that the apps provided were actually created by that particular developer. Talking to clients also helps you to establish the work ethics of the developer; punctuality, reliability, responsiveness as well as pick out results oriented candidates.

Sometimes an app developer may only provide a list of clients who will only give a good review of his services. Therefore, it is advisable to check out his professional profiles to see what others think of his work.

3. The Preferred Smartphone: Listen as he explains about his favorite Smartphone

The kind of Smartphone the developer uses can be a guide to how passionate he is about app development. It will also help you gauge his expertise in dealing with various mobile platforms. A professional app developer usually has the mobile device for which he is developing the app so that he can test it before releasing it to clients. For example, developers who create Apple apps should have an iPhone, and the same applies for Blackberry and android apps.

4. Development: special features and communication during the process

Apps that really do well are those with unique and truly innovative features. You can figure out what you want included in the app and assess the developer’s ability to bring it out as you want. You may want several features integrated in the app; how often and clearly you communicate with the app developers will determine how accurate your app will turn out. So, find out what mode of communication is most convenient for both of you: email, Skype, instant messaging, or phones.

5. Commercialization: how to get the app to make money

If you are creating the app for revenue generation purposes, the web development company should know which features to include to get you some revenue. There could be per download payment method. For free apps, you can think of features that will allow ads, subscription services or in-app purchases. After you approve everything on the app, the developer should know how to submit it to app stores for sale or download.

6. Payment: How the development fees will be settled

There are varied agreements when it comes to app development. Both parties can agree on a flat fee, hourly payment or part ownership. Most developers, however, ask for a onetime fee at the beginning of a project while others ask for half upfront and the rest after the job is done.

Typically, if you pay fully for the app, you will have the rights to that app. To avoid unnecessary legal battles, you can sign a copyright agreement with the developer. This document establishes confidentiality of app features and ownership details.

Still Having Trouble Choosing an App Developer?

Finding the right developer for your app is one of the most crucial decisions that have an effect on the success of your project. You can find endless resources online on how to get the best developer. You can also check out various online designers’ platforms such as UK web design association where developers showcase their work.

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